Houtindustrie schijndel

Drying, sawing, planing, profiling, cut across the grain, cut to length, varnishing, packaging and transport

Your Woodprocessor

Storage & Forwarding

Storage Outdoor

Reception, arranging and organizing
From the moment HIS BV receives your timber or wood product, it will be safely stored and we take the responsibility for safe storage and handling of your goods.
All parcels, accompanied by an notice of delivery with specifications, are arranged and sorted according to the following production-process. All is placed in predestinated storage-spaces. Dry wood will automatically be stored in an “indoor-storage”.
From here on, our planning division takes over, they organize the further production process.
When necessary units will be split  and separately handled by our internal transport.

Storage Indoor

Safe indoor storage of your valuable materials
More and more principals choose to outsource the entire process to Schijndel.
The outsourcing starts at storage. Therefore you can, if desired, safely store your timber and wood product at our company, where we, at your request, collect the orders and take them into production.
Indeed convenient, as it will not only save you space, but also assures you that your stock will be stored and processed under the best possible conditions.
Within our 22.000 square meters warehouses, we store the finished products as well as the dried wood (after the first processing) until the moment further processing is desired.


Taking care of your business
What could and would be a reason for you to go in business with Houtindustrie Schijndel?
When evaluating our achievements with customers, two conclusions often appear: HIS delivers a product of high quality and she delivers it fast!
Besides the fact that at our customers appreciate that HIS is taking care of their business and takes responsibility for the complete process, we often hear: “after delivering the sawn timber at your factory, there is no need for me to worry about it anymore”.
After production and shrink wrapping the finished product in foil we deliver the goods, at your request logically, to your customers. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide!