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Tool Grindery

Diversity is our strength
Diversity as a specialty. It sounds like a contradiction in terminis. But still this slogan very much applies to us. Our main strength is that we can produce just about all models and shapes. And this is the direct result of maintaining our own tooling department.
The biggest advantage of such a department is that it makes us independent of all suppliers. We control the whole process ourselves.
In the CNC controlled 5-axel tool grinder we manufacture tools that set the foundation for our top quality products. All possible cutting angles are possible and the large variety of steel grades make it possible to produce every imaginable profile in all different species of wood. Because our grinding department is available 24/7 we can take different orders into production simultaneously.
With the cooperation between our own technical design division and tooling division being very efficient and close, we are able to produce any profile in the shortest possible time.