Houtindustrie schijndel

Drying, sawing, planing, profiling, cut across the grain, cut to length, varnishing, packaging and transport

Your Woodprocessor



Resawing and crosscutting to length, just a matter of the right size.
Moulding machines, twin and self-centering band resaws, cross-cut saws, a rip-saw and a thin-cutting frame saw are all standby to cut and dress your wood products to the right size.

Also specialty processing such as optimization of the wood by cross cutting out the defects of the wood to upgrade the product, are possible.

A so called 'fine bandsawn surface' provides cladding and wall paneling with a much appreciated surface showing the natural character of the wood. The wood seems rough but has the accuracy and fit of planed wood.


Technical strength
Just like the drying and resawing of wood, industrial planning and moulding is a combination of man and machine. Our employees share a common goal for that matter: “Establish the maximum value recovery for the customer”. How they achieve this goal? By sorting and grading the wood to the agreed quality standards, always trying to exceed the quality standard set by our customers.

Our nine four-sided planning and moulding machines are set on 10.000 square meters production area. Here we plane your wood to every desired profile. The only thing you have to do is provide us with a size sketch, drawing or sample of the desired profile. Based on that a CAD model is designed in our drawing office. It’s also possible to choose a profile from of our 5.000 existing models. No model or profile is too complicated for HIS BV, simply because we develop and make our own tools.


Cut across the grain, a matter of course.
A flooring board is no flooring board until it is end matched and profiled. At HIS we have 3 production lines for this process. Besides applying tongue and groove in the length direction, a smooth surface and perfect fitting are essential for every flooring board. Flooring boards can be end matched and profiled at fixed lengths as well as random lengths. Optimization of the wood by cutting out defects and remove end checks is achieved by one single operation.